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It has been my experience that when people feel disorganized it is because the stacks of paper that represent their business are piled on their desks or buried in crowded filing cabinets, spread over counter space, or stuffed into files in briefcases. With technology today, most of that paper can be available at your fingertips [...]

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In any kind of business the relationship with your client depends on integrity

Integrity is alignment; the alignment of thoughts and feelings. It is respect for the thoughts and feeling of others. Our INTEGRITY means what we say is what we do. Organization as a service requires compassion. It is more than putting stuff away. It's more than cleaning up the space. Organization helps clear the mind - [...]

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End of the Year Financial Organization

Budgeting this time of year is particularly important. When it comes to their money people want information and they want it quickly. We pay bills for several clients in two ways: Directly into QuickBooks, from which checks can be printed, signed and mailed. Or we access the bill-pay feature at their bank, set them to [...]

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