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Thought for the day

Happy International Women’s Day! That glorious feeling when thoughts of celebrating events for a loved one make you wake with energy and creativity… That feeling of OK, this is for you!  I care about you! The smile comes from the inside and erupts all over your face like crocus in the Spring. It is the [...]

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Thought for the day

Focus on the good. Turn off the news, add some music and work at making your little corner of the world a welcoming place for your people. Think good thoughts, Donna Live Well ~ Laugh Often ~ Love Much! These daily “Thoughts” come from inspirations I receive, including quotes from a variety of books, web [...]

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It has been my experience that when people feel disorganized it is because the stacks of paper that represent their business are piled on their desks or buried in crowded filing cabinets, spread over counter space, or stuffed into files in briefcases. With technology today, most of that paper can be available at your fingertips [...]

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Thought for the day

I left this day open on my calendar, allowing time and space for unexpected opportunities, that’s what I call it. Time for all the little things we say we never have time for…like organization. It is a normal work day, to be sure, but the schedule is open for the new, for the unforeseen, for [...]

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