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My Thought Today

Hooray for this day! Hooray for Life! This day on which I was born so many years ago, my world was awash in colors - the magnificent colors of fall – red and yellow, green and blue As I enter the autumn of my life, I am still grateful for the season and its vibrant [...]

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My Thought Today

#Discovery is the theme for this weekend. Listening and learning, watching and wondering what new opportunities will burst from the challenges life presents as I leave my comfort zone to explore. #SundayThoughts With love, Donna Live Well ~ Laugh Often ~ Love Much! I hope you enjoy sharing my thoughts. I write what inspires me, [...]

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September 2018, our 4-year Anniversary!

Organizing the Details began almost accidentally when an old friend needed some help. More than a year later, in September, 2014, the company was officially registered with the Internal Revenue and the State of New Hampshire.  Happy Anniversary to us!  The original mission remains the same:  to help small businesses by organizing the details of [...]

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