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My Thought Today

It’s Monday, not just any Monday. Daylight savings has begun. The air is warmer. The birds are singing. Yesterday’s snow is already melting. This feels like a day to step back, observe and truly connect with those with whom we cross paths today. Connect with kindness and compassion. With love, Donna Live Well ~ Laugh [...]

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My Thought Today

This moment is all I really have. Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow is uncertain. This moment, right here, right now, is my moment. I am safe. I am loved. I have everything I need - home, food, family and friends. The question: what can I do to make this moment count? For others. For myself. [...]

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My Thought Today

Wednesday. The middle of the week. The middle of anything is often the time we feel “things” are just too much. It’s also the time to keep that forward momentum. It’s okay to pause and notice what’s around us – notice - make notes – adjust if necessary just leave the past where it belongs, [...]

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My Thought Today

A brief meditation for you. Begin in a comfortable position Deep breath in, clear the mind, visualize clear skies Breathe out, send all the “junk” out to dissipate as fog fades in the sunlight Deep breath in, bring in the light and the strength of your angels Breathe out, release the tension of worldly burdens [...]

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My Thought Today

To blame others is to give away my power. I am responsible for my life and my choices. I am responsible for my words. I am responsible for my actions I will not take things personally. I will not make assumptions on the intent of others. I will do my best. And I will do [...]

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My Thought Today

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. ~C. S. Lewis Dream on, friends! With love, Donna Live Well ~ Laugh Often ~ Love Much! I hope you enjoyed today’s “Thought” I write what inspires me -- sometimes I quote others -- always I seek to stimulate further thought.

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My Thought Today

Hooray for this day! Hooray for Life! This day on which I was born so many years ago, my world was awash in colors - the magnificent colors of fall – red and yellow, green and blue As I enter the autumn of my life, I am still grateful for the season and its vibrant [...]

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My Thought Today

#Discovery is the theme for this weekend. Listening and learning, watching and wondering what new opportunities will burst from the challenges life presents as I leave my comfort zone to explore. #SundayThoughts With love, Donna Live Well ~ Laugh Often ~ Love Much! I hope you enjoy sharing my thoughts. I write what inspires me, [...]

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September 2018, our 4-year Anniversary!

Organizing the Details began almost accidentally when an old friend needed some help. More than a year later, in September, 2014, the company was officially registered with the Internal Revenue and the State of New Hampshire.  Happy Anniversary to us!  The original mission remains the same:  to help small businesses by organizing the details of [...]

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Why Do We Do What We Do?

It’s more than a sense of accomplishment. It’s our version of creativity. We’ve all heard it said: “a place for everything and everything in its place.” The truth of the matter, it saves – TIME and MONEY. It’s so much easier to put the finishing touches on a retreat when the social media notices for [...]

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