Can it really be that summer is over?  No, officially summer does not end until September 22, 2018.  Still in our minds it is Fall.  Vacation is over.  Back to a full work schedule.  Back to school routines.  Back to schedules full of the extra activities associated with both.

For many of us it is a joy it is to come to back to routine associated with our educational and professional goals. For some of us the To-Do List suddenly looks mountainous and over whelming.  For all of us, having a plan with actionable steps will help to ensure our goals are attainable.

  1. Brainstorm – done most effectively with associates or co-workers – but even solopreneurs can quickly run through the list of important tasks that need action.
  2. Prioritize – take the brainstorm list and pick it apart. What really needs to be done?  What are the due dates associated with each?  Are there measureable benefits for meeting these goals? Are there repercussions if delayed?
  3. Timeline – Stretch this list over a time line that includes the next 120 days. Notice and plan for holidays, birthdays, family commitments – anything that may impact the due dates.  Add in cushions for the unexpected – illness, extreme weather (which seems to be everywhere these days), even a much needed break or time with a loved one.
  4. Wish list items – Those things you’ve always wanted to do and wouldn’t let yourself pursue because something else always seemed more important. A well-rounded Life has to include some of these.  And if you’re in the business of your dreams, doing what you love, these are the things that make it all worthwhile.   Schedule it – Put it on your calendar.
  5. Delegate – Assign duties, re-prioritize as circumstances change. Some items you need to do.  Some are best done by those with other skills and sometime we all need a little help.

Organizing the Details provides behind the scenes administrative support for new and small businesses, as well as busy individuals.  We help our clients with their three most important assets:  their people (customers, vendors and employees), their resources – money in, money out  –  and their time – appointments expertly handled to make sure your customers or clients know you care. Most importantly, we assist each client with a step-by-step strategy to turn today’s dream into tomorrow’s reality.