When my three children were little, they slaved over letters to Santa. The toys were small too and they were easily pleased. When they got older, the gifts they wanted were so expensive we adopted a popular rhyme: 

  1. something you want,
  2. something you need,
  3. something to wear, and
  4. something to read.

We’ve been doing it ever since. And now my grandkids tell me what they want using that same little rhyme.

So I pass this onto you as you are planning a surprise for a special someone.

  1. Do you want to go on a retreat?
  2. Won’t you need to get away from it all in this winter when the snow is deep and the temps are low?
  3. Wouldn’t it be fun to wear a new bathing suit or a pair of shorts or perhaps even a muumuu?
  4. Then of course once you get to your special haven, The Sun God’s Heir by my friend, Elliott Baker, would make a perfect read

How about a retreat to Peru in February?  Or Maui in May for Mother’s Day?  I can help with all the details.  Really!

A good referral for me someone who’s thinking ahead about really nice gift. If you’re interested call me Donna Smith at Organizing the Details.