Organizing the Details began almost accidentally when an old friend needed some help. More than a year later, in September, 2014, the company was officially registered with the Internal Revenue and the State of New Hampshire.  Happy Anniversary to us!  The original mission remains the same:  to help small businesses by organizing the details of their businesses with both professional and emotional support using my years of experience in office management to help them from behind the scenes, and offsite.

Variety is the spice of our business life.  With the help of a few people I am proud to call friends, we manage client calendars, social media, provide cash management and bookkeeping services.  We’ve taken on some major office organization and even decoration.  I have written many magazine articles. we have provided a bit of autonomy for some elderly parents by assisting with their finances.  We have worked with referral sources – printers, graphic artists, accountants, realtors, mortgage brokers, life coaches, friends and neighbors – all in our effort to coordinate the growth of the business of each client.

It hasn’t all been rosy.   Running any business can be humbling in its merciless way of showing you that what you don’t know can definitely hurt you.   One client closed his business.  His passion for his business could not overcome his inability to manage cash flow and our efforts came too late.  One client went back to his former occupation because he missed the camaraderie of his fellow workmates.

Self-employment isn’t easy.  It’s not for everyone.  And quite frankly, it can be dauntingly lonely.  I can totally relate.  For me, networking offsets the loneliness.  It has been challenging.  Networking is a skill I had to learn.  No one ever called me shy but “selling” my business model, my expertise and my skills and finding clients that could or would hire me; that took a bit of time and joining BNI made it all possible.  The organization at large and my chapter, Oceanside BNI, in particular has provided the training and the setting with the security of knowing members are all vetted professionals who are interested in teaching me how to network properly, how to use the system to learn to know, like and trust them for our mutual support.  I “drink the BNI Kool-Aid” and recommend it to every small business person I meet.  I have exchanged services with at least half the membership.  More importantly, they have referred us to their colleagues and associates.  They also encouraged me to join the Chamber of Commerce.  Another level of networking and growth.  Sometimes I spend so much time networking; I have to remind myself to schedule time to work!

It’s been a good start.  On to year #5.  We are excited and grateful.