It has been my experience that when people feel disorganized it is because the stacks of paper that represent their business are piled on their desks or buried in crowded filing cabinets, spread over counter space, or stuffed into files in briefcases.

With technology today, most of that paper can be available at your fingertips on your computer, cell phone or tablet. Let a piece of paper cross your hand one time. No, we’re not talking about legal documents here. Scan it to the file of your client. Save it to your collection of forms and templates. Your technology can search for the item much faster than you can leaf through piles of files. Office organization is a snap when you to know what to save, what to keep and what to toss. The next time you hear a colleague complaining about the mess in their office, tell them to call Organizing the Details. My team will make quick work of their chaos.

Next week we’ll talk more about what to save, what to keep and what to toss.

Donna M. Smith

Organizing the Details LLC