It’s more than a sense of accomplishment. It’s our version of creativity. We’ve all heard it said: “a place for everything and everything in its place.” The truth of the matter, it saves – TIME and MONEY.

It’s so much easier to put the finishing touches on a retreat when the social media notices for the event are posted days ahead of schedule and people are already registering! It’s easier to sell property when the magazine’s press release makes the new development look and sound like everyone’s dream home. It’s seeing the peace on the face of attendees at our meditation gatherings. It is the sigh of relief from the client who relaxes when the project is done, billed and payment is received. It’s the thanks from their grateful clients when the appointment is tweaked to get the lawnmower fixed in time to prepare for the family party on Saturday. It’s the relief in a technician’s voice when he says, I’m still on #1, and I’ll get to #2 but can you reschedule #3? It’s “hearing” the smile in the voice of a vendor when we call them in to work with new clients because they have made us look like heroes year after year. It’s the sound of a ringing phone that is the promise of new opportunities, not a nagging reminder of a project unfinished.

Some people paint, some sew, some build, we listen to understand, pull together the details of business management so nothing falls through the cracks to relieve stress; we encourage, and we reassure.

When some people hear “organization” they think we’re going to clean their closets. We can and we will if it’s part of the plan forward for the business. Helping a client build their new business is creative, it’s challenging, and sometimes it’s even painful. But in the end, it’s such a joy to watch their eyes light up when reaching each milestone. In short, what we do is deeply rewarding in all of its necessary simplicity.