About Our Founder

donna smith

I am a management professional with a background in business law, accounting and education. Organizing comes naturally to me.  Growing business is my specialty.

I worked for a law firm, a college, a lumber yard, a manufacturing firm.  At every turn on the road of life, each new venture provided another piece of the business puzzle. I took many classes, workshops, and seminars in my quest to maintain my “edge.”   Accounting.  Marketing.  Human Resources.  Social Media Strategy.  Quality Control Procedures. Technical Manuals.  I learned on the job – about the lead time for print advertising in national magazines, web site development, on-line shopping carts, IT management tools, CEUs, the politics associated with product approval procedures from California to Maine, the cut-throat realities of industry competitors, economic downturns in a recession and the total unpredictability of family dynamics in business.

I learned how growing companies need procedure manuals; that cross-training provides every team with strength in business while allowing for flexibility for the personal lives of the individuals. I spent more than 20 years learning about effective office management and helped to grow a variety of businesses along the way.

The only thing certain in this life is change.  When life dropped me in uncharted territory, I had to make a choice.  What to do?   It was time to work on my dream!  A respected business associate who helped me through some tough business challenges always told me that I have good business instincts.   I will be forever grateful for her support and guidance.  When a client told her that I was her “angel” our logo was born.

I launched Organizing the Details because that is my passion – organizing administrative, technical and social details for each of our clients – clients with passion – a fire inside to make this world a better place.


10501786_1429222887396112_8903592165570367771_nDonna Smith has been working with me for two years as a publishing assistant for my monthly publication, Hampton Falls Living. In that time, Donna has done a great job compiling and editing articles submitted by residents and formatting the content in preparation for our design team on a monthly basis. Donna has also exhibited her creative abilities in writing Business Sponsor Spotlight articles for some of the advertisers and I and they were very happy with her finished product. Donna meets her deadlines and she is accurate. Her involvement in the pre-composition process had benefited me tremendously by saving me time and allowing me to focus on other key areas of my business. It is a joy to work with Donna and I highly recommend her to any business seeking assistance and support.

– Eric Holt, Area Director, N2 Publishing