Meet Our Team

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Meet Addie our dazzling Professional Organizer! 🌟

Since hopping aboard in July of 2022, Addie has been our go-to lead organizer, turning chaos into clarity. She dives deep with every client, ensuring spaces aren’t just neat but functional and personally tailored. She’s addicted to those transformative “before and after” moments.

For Addie, the purging process isn’t just about tidying up; it’s therapeutic! Her daily dose of joy is helping clients let go of what they don’t need and seeing their jaws drop at their revamped space.

But life isn’t all about organizing. Off-duty, you can catch Addie soaking up the outdoors, sharing laughs with her loved ones, or unwinding with music from The Chicks, Luke Combs, Zach Bryan, or Noah Kahan. Movie night favorites? “Remember the Titans” and “A Walk to Remember” top her list.

And here’s a quirky tidbit to wrap things up: Addie has a ketchup phobia! So, hold the fries, or at least the ketchup around her!

Meet Kelley our vibrant Organizing Assistant! ✨

Since joining us in March of 2023, Kelley has been our organizing whisperer. Her approach? Categorize, prioritize, and wave goodbye to the excess. Kelley ensures everything flows so as to make spaces not just tidy but truly delightful.

Now, let’s talk about pantries! The thrill of matching pantry items with their perfect container home and crafting a system that just *clicks* for families? She’s all about it.

Away from work, Kelley’s world revolves around family, friends, and the thrilling beats of live music (Nashville, anyone?). Speaking of music, Fleetwood Mac holds a special place in her heart!

Kelley’s philosophy? A serene space equals a serene mind, radiating positivity throughout your life. And for a dazzle of nostalgia, during her college days, she took American Sign Language and had the honor of signing at the Ohio Stadium during a Buckeye football game and an OSU basketball match. How cool is that? 

Meet Lori our Organization Queen! 👑

She passionately transforms messy pantries, cluttered closets, and chaotic garages into spaces of serenity. She’s been sprinkling this magic for nearly two years and has a knack for taming wild paperwork and disorganized garages. 

But here’s a little secret: Lori believes being organized isn’t about a massive clear-out or a personality overhaul. For her, it’s a lifestyle choice, echoing the sentiment: clear your space, clear your mind. 

Outside this world of tidiness, Lori is a dedicated mom to three sports-enthusiast kids, an avid tennis player, and a voracious reader.  

She dances her heart out to Dancing in the Moonlight and can’t resist a good laugh with movies like “Step Brothers.” And here’s a fun twist in her story – before joining the team, Amie used to babysit Lori’s children. Now, the tables have turned, and she’s working alongside Amie. Life truly has come full circle for our organization maven!

Meet Kristin our phenomenal Assistant Organizer 🌟

With a spirited 9 months under her belt, Kristin has been our go-to gal for on-site organizing and those all-important errands. Amongst the myriad of spaces she’s transformed, closets emerge as her absolute favorite – a space she’s truly passionate about. 

But organizing isn’t the only journey Kristin’s embarked on. Imagine a life where one day you’re brewing the perfect cup of coffee, the next, teaching 7th-grade math, and then diving headfirst into high-growth tech startups. That’s Kristin for you! Despite her varied experiences, she firmly believes that her role as an organizer is the best she’s ever had.

Outside work, Kristin is an avid traveler, a voracious consumer of books, podcasts, and movies, and loves nothing more than a long, rejuvenating walk. She’s often seen swaying to the tunes of John Mayer and rewatching ‘It Takes Two.’ 

Her philosophy? “Keep functionality at the forefront!” It’s not just about aesthetics but ensuring that everything has a purpose and place. Here’s a tidbit to pique your curiosity: Kristin once lived on a boat for 3 months, circumnavigating the globe. 

Meet Dawn our beloved Organizational Assistant ❤️

Dawn has worked with us since February of 2022, and her mantra is crystal clear: do everything and anything to bring a smile to our clients’ faces! While she adores organizing (trust us, she’s a pro!), that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our team isn’t just about arranging spaces; it’s about exceeding expectations and ensuring every client is satisfied with our services.

So, what gets Dawn’s organizing heart racing? “Oh gosh,” she says, ” I love organizing all spaces, but my very favorite would be closets, kids’ playrooms, and the kitchen/pantry.” For Dawn, the joy isn’t just in the organizing. It’s in being part of a dream team.

When she’s not bringing order to chaos, Dawn wears many hats. Family time is her favorite. Whether sharing meals with close-knit friends who’ve become family, exploring new culinary delights in uncharted restaurants, or simply being in the company of her boys – Dawn cherishes it all. She’s also quite the sporty spice! She’s always in for a game of golf, a workout session, or pickleball. And her altruistic side? It shines through in her new not-for-profit, the Glitter Girls Guild.

When it comes to tunes, Morgan Whalen and Riley Green have recently captured her heart thanks to an unforgettable concert experience. And her top movie pick? ‘Steel Magnolias’ – a tale of unbreakable family and friendship bonds.

Meet Bella our vibrant and ever-efficient Organizer 🌟

Holding the title since the fall of 2020, Bella has swiftly become an indispensable part of our team. She’s not just about putting things in their rightful places. From organizing an array of spaces, dashing about to run errands, to assisting in grand events – Bella is always on the move, making magic happen.

Now, every organizer has a soft spot. And for Bella? It’s the pantries! There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing a well-arranged pantry, where every item has a home, every snack is within reach, and every shelf tells a story.

When it’s time to unwind, Bella has a simple joy – sleep. There’s nothing quite like a good night’s rest to recharge those organizing batteries! The soulful beats of ‘Sweater Weather’ by the Neighbourhood get her grooving. And on a movie night? ’10 Things I Hate About You’ tops her list.

Bella lives by a simple yet powerful philosophy: ” Not only should it look beautiful, it should also be the most practical use of the space and help make life easier.” And here’s a fun tidbit about Bella – she’s currently sharpening her literary skills as an English major at OSU! Balancing student life with her passion for organizing? Only Bella can make it look so effortless.