Clients come to us because they have a problem.  We’ve got people!  Professionals who provide support when you need it – in a pinch or on-going.  As we get to know you, we can add or modify our services to best fit your needs.


Office set up and arrangement to facilitate efficiency.   Statistics show that the average person spends up to one third of their time looking for things! Clear the clutter and clear your mind. Our organization services can help you.  File.  Store.  Shred.  It’s all in the details.

Calendar Management

Good calendar management is more than documenting appointments to keep you on track and on time. We help with long range planning for that special season or special event and with all the steps along the way. What are your goals for the future? Let’s get them on the Calendar. Let’s make them happen! We manage calendar details.

Marketing & Advertising

We work with a variety of trusted referral partners to organize and advertise the passions that launched your business.  As part of our service, we help with business cards, brochures, manuals, feature stories for newspapers and magazines, event announcements, customer communication, and website blogs.  Promote your business details!



Your project – front and center. Our research pros provide dependable complete service.  We keep digging until you have all the information you need to make your special project successful with reports laid out in clearly formatted, understandable language. Let’s find the details.

QuickBooks – Desktop or Online

We keep basic bookkeeping up-to- date and off your plate. With timely connectivity with clients and vendors, we will minimize receivables, and help with budgeting payables.  Monthly statements and compassionate communication with clients in arrears. Let’s balance the details.

Employee Manuals

A handbook sets expectations, encourages proper behavior, ensures consistent employee treatment, showcases employee benefits, and protects against unemployment claims and lawsuits. Every employer, regardless of the number of employees, should have one. Employment details are important.

Quality Assurance Manuals

These essential documents provide evidence of careful planning and efficient business management. Often required by professional and government authorities, these manuals provide point by point assurance that you are meeting contract requirements. A formula for success with all the details.


Additional Services

Writing and Editing – Publications prepared for deadline; interviews, feature articles, formatting, editing, proof-reading

Data and records management – Instruction, Sales or Safety Manuals – created, assembled and updated


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – A growing number of businesses are finding that social media is more than popular, it is a profitable way to connect with a wider audience.  We can help you have a little fun while you show the world who you are and what you do by sharing your details.