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Home and Office Organization

Are your spaces serving you well? Do they deliver a place to relax and be productive? A place to connect and laugh? Is it warm, hospitable, inviting and easy to navigate?

Our homes should bring peace and our workspaces should keep us productive.

Simplify your Space

Are you a pinball in your own life, constantly bouncing from this room to that drawer to the cabinet way over there? I can help! You choose the space that needs organized and I will create an individualized solution that centers on your daily routines so that you can get back to living your life.

Closets, Cabinets, Nooks and Crannies

Decluttered closets. Color-coded clothes. Matching hangers. Un-crammed drawers. Purposeful Storage. Labeled Baskets.

It’s the spaces behind closed doors that deserve the most love.


Kitchen and Pantry

Kitchen and Pantry Organization is not only pretty to stare at but it makes cooking, baking, snacking, packing lunches, grocery shopping and entertaining a total breeze. The correct layout and effective storage ensure that everything is accessible and easy to use.

Mudroom and Garage

Do you dream of a mudroom where shoes are not piled by the door, coats are easily found and bags hang nicely on a hook?

Do those dreams match the dreams of your garage where bikes are not leaning against a wall, toys will not be tripped on, tools are mounted firmly to the wall and musical cars is not necessary on trash night?

Make your departure onto the streets and your arrival back home a clean and peaceful one with an organized garage!


Take advantage of this extra square footage!

Create a playroom, a tv room, a second kitchen. Set-up a wrapping station. Keep back-stock items within reach. Categorize holiday decor. Store memorabilia appropriately. Remove rarely used items from main living spaces and shop them in your basement.






Think you have the messiest, least cohesively arranged office in the world? I guarantee I’ve seen worse. I take a professional approach to creating function in your work space, be it a home den or executive office. Whether you use your desk to pay bills or close deals, your office should be a space for productivity, and I can make it happen.

Workplace Storage Closets

I’ve seen it happen a million times. The storage closet starts to become a little unmanageable – and you know it needs to be cleaned up – but everyone is too busy to commit the time to do it, so days turn into weeks, which turn into months, and now the entire office staff simply cracks the door open, tosses more in and pulls it shut before the fortress of records, decorations, office supplies and who knows what else has a chance to come tumbling out. Well, regardless of how bad it is, I can correct it by tossing out what’s no longer needed and meticulously organizing what needs to be kept.

Space Organization Pricing

Starting at: $200.00

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